Thursday, November 4, 2010

Monster Video Games of Years Past part 1 AAARGH!

AAARGH! was a video game released in 1987 by Amiga in which the player could choose to play as either a bipedal Dragon or a Giant Ogre. The player's goal was to search through villages; smashing the building with either the Ogre's horn or the Dragon's tail in an effort to locate Golden Roc Eggs. Each time an Egg was found the two monsters would battle one on one to see who got to keep the egg. Along the way you had to kill all the humans you encountered before they weakened you with their catapults finding and eating food for health along the way.

The game was highly influenced by Crush, Crumble and Chomp and Rampage which were released in 1981 and 1986 respectively. Reviews of the game are relatively poor but as far as I'm concerned any game where I got to stomp around and smash stuff as a giant monster is allright in my book

Monday, May 10, 2010

Return of the Outer Space Men


Forty-two years ago the space race between the United States and Russia was in full swing, and a full wave of action figures known as “The Outer Space Men” was released that caught the imagination of a generation.

Although the initial salvo of characters was well received, the characters that were to be part of the second wave, collectively referred to as “The World of Tomorrow”, never made it into production and currently only exist as elaborate prototypes / production samples in the homes of a couple of fortunate collectors.

Fast forward to today… Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios have been able to have a hand in the successful re-launches of many of their favorite toy lines from their childhood, but a few of their favorite properties have so far been unobtainable to them – until now.

Collaborating closely with the property’s creator, Mel Birnkrant, the Four Horsemen are proud to announce their first venture into licensed properties - The Outer Space Men!

Already well into production, the first two 3-3/4 inch scaled waves of The Outer Space Men will consist of two characters per wave.

Wave one will be Astro-Nautilus: the Man from Neptune featuring four articulated tentacles and his regal undersea trident; and Inferno: the Flame Man of Mercury wielding his fiery flame blaster and removable helmet!

Wave two will contain Xodiac: the Man from Saturn along with his Saturnian scepter, disintegrator pistol, and removable helmet; and Metamorpho: the Man from Alpha Centauri brandishing his morpho-gun, alpha sensor, and transforming facial features!

The Outer Space Men creator, Mel Birnkrant has given the Four Horsemen full access to all of the OSM archives in order to assure the highest quality and coolest new interpretations of the characters possible, but the collaboration doesn’t end there…

In an effort to re-introduce The Outer Space Men to as wide an audience as possible, new play features have been added into this new version of a classic toy line! Working directly with Matt Doughty, owner of Onell Design, the Four Horsemen have incorporated Onell Design's innovative Glyos joint system into The Outer Space Men, making them almost 100% compatible with all of Onell design's releases! The Outer Space Men is something that both the Four Horsemen and Matt have been discussing for years now, and it just seemed like the perfect property in which to incorporate the phenomenal Glyos “fit function”.

As production nears completion, more images and product availability info will be released. The release of The Outer Space Men marks a new approach to action figure production for the Four Horsemen, and more info about this, other announcements and what role the Horsemen’s FANtastic Exclusive venture will play in all of this will come next week.

This is a legendary toy line from a time when space exploration was something exciting and new. When people were glued to their television sets in anticipation of what might be discovered by the daring astronauts on Apollo 11. Enter master toy inventor Mel Birnkrant. Mel's vivid imagination was, and still is, well ahead of its time. As space fever swept over the world, Mel designed and sculpted the first wave of The Outer Space Men. In so doing, he would set the stage for many of the incredible toy lines that exploded in the early 1970's. Just look at any of the all time classic figures in action figure history 101 and you can spot the influence of OSM. We all owe Mel a debt of gratitude for the role he quietly played in opening up the potential of what an "action figure" could be, long before even the term was commonplace. Now, with the unparalleled and unlimited talent of the Four Horsemen behind this fantastic rebirth, The Outer Space Men can finally return to where they belong - your hands.

Halloween Cupcakes

My wife is a cake/cupcake decorating fiend and I ran across these cool Halloween themed cupcakes decorating recipes Better Homes and Gardens so in honor of my wife go check 'em out

Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Mego Monsters!!!!

taken from;

Those of you old enough to remember the MEGO Corporation, the fabled toy company that practically invented the licensed action figure in the 1970s, will recall with chagrin that their “Mad Monsters” releases did not live up to the standards set by their DC or Marvel superheroes.

In fact, it’s commonly accepted that they did not even live up to their Farrah Fawcett figure.

That historical mistake is being corrected by EMCE Toys, the brand that brought back the 8″ MEGO format during the last few years. In partnership with Diamond Select Toys, four Universal Monster “MEGOs” are being developed for release over the next two years: the Frankenstein monster, Dracula, the Wolfman, and Kharis the mummy.

Prototypes of the figures were on display at the Diamond booth during this year’s Toy Fair and, though still pending licensor approval, the folks at Cool Toy Review managed to squeeze of a few shots. Have a look at:

Frankenstein's Monster


the Wolfman

Kharis the Mummy

The first two, Frankenstein and the Wolfman, are scheduled for release in late 2010, while Dracula and the Mummy are slated for 2011. That’s right, you can re-enact Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman under your Christmas tree this year.

Despite the “leak” from Toy Fair, it’s still very early in development and some aspects of the toys may change. Keep watching for more details as they come in.

(Oh, and for those of you to young to know what a “MEGO” is, you’ll more likely know these classic 8″ action figures from their use on Robot Chicken, where their unique posability makes them a natural for animation.)

Monster Model Kits on the way

Lots of really cool model kits either on the way or freshly released, first up we have an all plastic kit of the "The Fly" from Monarch Models done in the new cool retro Aurora Monster kit style

Next up is the Ghost of Castlemare from Monarch models

Now here we have the model kit I'm most looking forward to, Gorgo! Enland's answer to Godzilla and one of my favorite monsters. I own every issue of the comic series from the 60's so this one is SO going on my shelf.

Changing gears over to the vehicular side of things we have the Martian Tripod from George Pal's War of the Worlds. This kit is absolutely beautiful and if you doubt your building skills the Tripod also comes in a pre-built pre-painted format

From Forbidden Planet we have the C-57D Space Cruiser from Polar Lights....with the Id monster!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cereal Monsters

Yes, who doesn't love those classic lovable oafs that tried to convince us that their cereal was the best....what you mean you've forgotten them...oh no....they'll be coming for you next....just remember what they did to poor ol' Sugar Bear and Quake

Monster Toys - King Zor

Keeping with my current trend of doing comic book style versions of old 60's monster toys here's King Zor, the Fighting Dinosaur

What? Never heard of this one either, okay feast your eyes on this

Monster Toys - The Great Garloo

This is my comic book version of one of the greatest toys ever made, The Great Garloo. What, you never heard of him? For shame, and you call yourself a monster fan. Here watch the commercial

Is that not the coolest thing? C'mon tell me you wouldn't want one of those right now to chase your cat around the house, I know I do.
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